Thursday, February 10, 2011


Greetings everyone, I've got another review for you: Inception. I admit, I did see this in theaters last year, but I saw it again recently and thought it deserved a review.  I'm going to include a few other criteria that I have found across the internet that I think will be helpful to you.  Once again, if you want me to watch/review something, just post it below and I'll do it.  Here we go.

The film Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon Levitt is a film about mainly, dreams.  These people have learned to go into the dreams of others using a...shared sleep inducing machine (can't think of a better term at the moment), which causes the users to share a dream with each other. While in the dream, they usually have an objective, such as extracting secret information or planting an idea in someone's head.  In order to do this, there is a team of specialists that each have a different role in completing the task. 

I watched it: +2 points in here, I saw it, finished it, enjoyed myself throughout. It was gripping in a sense, but was predictable after a certain point. 

The Music: The soundtrack in this movie was great, +2 points.  Hans Zimmer delivered, as he always does, with an intense composition that fit the scenes beautifully and added a level of depth that could only be done using the auditory senses.  It was loud when it needed to be loud, and subtle when the mood called for it.  I have this soundtrack on my iPod and would recommend it to any fans of cinematic composers such as Zimmer.

The Execution:  This film took what we know very little about and expanded on it, making the almost inaccessible world of dreams become reality for its duration.  In doing this, the laws of physics could be bent, and the world was an oyster to the dreamer.  I'm giving +1 point in this category, simply due to the fact that this wasn't expanded on as much as it could have been.  In a world where the laws of nature don't apply, anything is possible, and it didn't seem like the film took advantage of this. 

The Cast:  The cast overall, was passable, I enjoyed watching actors who aren't in the limelight for once, and they did a great job.  However, I didn't really agree with the casting choice of Ellen Page as Ariadne.  I think a more distinguished actress would've done better in the role, I thought she was a bit under aged for the part.  Also, Leo DiCaprio often puts on the drama too thick, as he did in Inception.  Many parts of the movie were intense but some of the stupid decisions made by his character were too...believable, which may sound counter intuitive but I think an unknown would have made the film more believable.  +1 for cast.

The Direction: The director, Christopher Nolan, certainly delivered in this film, +2 points.  With the vast use of scenery, colored lens filters, and CG special effects; the film was an assault on the senses and forced you to pay attention so you wouldn't miss any vital parts of the story.  As with Nolan's other films, it was fun to follow and kept you intrigued as to what was going to happen next through most of the story. 

Composite: 8/10
I'm recommending this film to any viewer that likes to have their mind probed a bit by a movie.  This one isn't really a mindfreak like some say it is, but it will make you think after you finish it.  It's a good mix that makes you pay attention, but makes sure you aren't confused at the same time. 

Buy it: No (loses its flavor after you know what's going to happen after the first viewing)

Rent it: Definitely, maybe watch it twice if you feel as if you missed pieces the first time. 

Watch it if: You're in the mood to think and pay attention to the screen, not a casual movie, good for    discussion afterward though.

Well that's it, comment below and let me know what you thought of the movie and the review! Stay mad.



  1. This movie I did see. I almost got cornfused watching it, but was so ready for it to be over. I only went b/c Alvin wanted to see it. I'm still trying to grasp the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio and other guy who was in "Angels in the Outfield" has grown up (quite handsomely, I must say!!). But I guess that's not the point as far as watching the film. So my points 2, 2, 1 (don't remember the music), 1 (for the "angels in the outfield" guy- so suave!), 2, 1 (because I almost got sick coming through all those layers of movie)! for a total of 9

  2. I really loved this movie! i also agree with renting rather than buying. it's not really a film you can watch say more than twice. Awesome review!

  3. best leo movie ever imo. i loved it

  4. This movie was too amazing. It was so well written, the entire story was perfect and don't even get me started on the ending.

  5. Hmm, reviewing Inception, commeting on my blog about Memento, you surely are a Christopher Nolan addict aren't you? I certainly am, loved Inception & memento, but also loved the prestige and the dark knight :). Keep up the nice reviews!