Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Official umad Rating System

Greetings Everyone, I told you I'd let you in on my system for rating any particular film.  That being said, these are criteria that not only I find important, but that I think would transfer over to the average moviegoer quite well. The way it works is point based, ranging from either one to five.  The composite score can then be used to determine the overall quality in my eyes.  However, the reason I like my system is because if there is a specific quality you look for in a film, you can hold it in higher regard in relation to any other quality/category. Stay mad.
Here we go:

1. A movie pretty much automatically gets a point if I'm drawn to see it either by advertising or word of mouth, it receives another point if I finish the movie, this being said, every movie I see will receive at least one point.

2. A movie will also receive two points for the music/soundtrack included.  The things I look for would be the general tie in the the feel of a scene, the emotional effect it has as a whole, and also the composition as a standalone, without the movie to bolster its effect.

3. A movie will receive two points for plot execution.  The storyboard behind any film can look good on paper, but execution is a different story.  Movies that have been based on books often get judged more critically in this category because high expectations are to be had.

4. Two points are given for the cast chosen, if the actors generally meet the correct criteria for a role and if that role is believable by the average moviegoer.  High dollar actors are critiqued more critically than unknowns because it is more difficult to play dozens of vastly different roles and have them all be believable.

5. Two points are also going to look at direction, whether or not the director played his part well and transitioned the film from paper to silver screen adequately.  This is a wide category and ranges from camerawork, set design, character blocking, and execution of dialogue for the most part.



  1. So the point system is:
    1- Just for going to see it.
    2- Soundtrack criteria
    2- Plot execution
    2- Appropriate casting
    2- Directorability (for lack of a better word)
    9 points total. So from what I think I understand, all of the criteria must be met in order to get the total point value for that standard. No half points..all or none?

  2. @annettiem
    I'm giving 2 points for seeing it, 1 for starting it, another 1 for finishing it. You may be surprised at how many I've started watching, and didn't finish because they were so bad. I will probably start giving half points if I feel that more distinction is needed in a specific category, thanks for the idea! Single points out of the 2 can be awarded for "partial credit". I've posted my first review that can serve as a bit of an example if you want to check it out!