Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Social Network

Greetings Everyone, I've got my review for my readers today, I'll be reviewing The Social Network, directed by David Fincher, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Justin Timberlake.  It's a (loose) retelling of the process Mark Zuckerburg went through to make Facebook, which I'm sure you've all heard of.  The general feel of the movie was, in one word, melancholy. From the beginning of the film and throughout, we watch Zuckerburg go through the motions while he is getting sued by multiple Harvard students, along with his former best friend.  Many of the moments in the story were not necessarily happy or sad persay, but bittersweet in that Zuckerburg more or less screwed someone over with almost every action he took.  In that, we'll begin the review.

I watched it: The film gets +2 points because I watched, and finished it while enjoying myself throughout. 

The Music: The film gets +1 out of the 2 points for the music.  The music did well in fitting the theme of the film throughout, in that it was mild, soft, and shared the melancholy feel of the film.  This being said, all of the songs began to blend together and didn't really create a good complement to the story in the end.  While one song could be looked at as good or enjoyable, the soundtrack as a whole is boring and repetitive. 

The Execution: Considering how much the film deviated from real life, I'm going to deduct 1 point, but that being said, if it had followed true events, it would have been downright boring.  The writers made a decision to spice it up a bit to make it bearable for audiences who don't really care about buisiness dealings of online companies. +1 for plot.

The Cast: The film earns +2 points from me for the cast. I thought the cast was extremely well executed and Eisenberg did a great job portraying the nonchalant attitude the director wanted for Zuckerburg.  Andrew Garfield was also great in that his emotion struck through the screen when he was double crossed and left in the dirt by Zuckerburg.  Timberlake was also great, his superstardom didn't show through and he did wonderfully at playing his part of a washed up internet mogul.

The Direction: I'm giving the film +2 points for direction.  The camerawork was very well executed and gave a feel of involvement for the viewer that was the best you could ask for in a film.  Also, the sets felt very real and did a great job in showing the mood of the scene, especially with the lighting, some of the more dark parts of the film were shot in a green hue, which amplified the expected emotion in my experience. 

Composite: 8/10
I would recommend this film to anyone using Facebook to get an idea of its roots and the founder behind it.  With that being said, take the movie with a grain of salt because the director has stated that major dramatization occurred when writing the story.  I'd also recommend the story to anyone looking for a movie that isn't action packed, but still engaging. 

I'll be posting more this week, enjoy watching the movie (let me know if you like/liked it) and I always enjoy criticism and comments below. Stay mad.



  1. i have to watch "The Social Network" thx for your review and i hope there will be more

  2. I liked that movie, but I wouldn't watch it again.

  3. @Anonamiser
    I feel the same way. Maybe I should add that to my reviews, whether or not I would watch again. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Very good review. I actually haven't seen The Social Network yet (yeah I know, hard to believe) but I'm planning on it.

  5. Never really fancied watching it tbh, might do after this review though, nice one!

  6. I thought it was a good movie, but I could tell watching it that i was dramatized.
    Worth a watch though